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Residential Care Home for the Elderly.

Southworth Elder Care is an assisted living facilities that offers supervised care, meals, activities and health management. While assisted living communities may offer extensive activities, such as senior aerobics and field trips, Southworth is a better fit for someone who needs more individual, home-setting care.  Southworth Elder Care is considered a non-medical facility so if individuals require ongoing medical care then an actual nursing home is a better choice.


It is important at this stage of life that plenty of companionship is available. Southworth was developed for people of a similar age.  In our more intimate setting, it is easier for residents to socialize with their peers and with staff.  Both Southworth offer common areas where social activities can be undertaken by the residents. These kinds of activities are encouraged by the staff because they contribute to the physical and mental health of the residents.  Activities also allow staff to observe signs of health issues while they interact with the residents. This proactive approach to ongoing health is a great way of ensuring that residents live a satisfied and happy life.


Spouthworth Elder Care offers furnished rooms that are clean; Home Cooked, small batch, meals; snacks throughout the day; housekeeping; linen service; personal care such as assistance with dressing, toileting and bathing if needed; assistance with basic urinary incontinence; management of medication; recreation and arrangement of transportation. 

Michael Farrell, MSW


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